Our designers will create inspiring displays
to bring life to your interior space.
Our designers create holiday displays
that are sure to awe and inspire every season.
Our horticulturists provide expert care
to ensure your interior plant displays remain healthy.
Living plants in your workplace provides a postive welcome to all clients.
We offer modern designs for commercial and residential clients.
Let us transform your workplace with living walls.
ArtScape Interior Plant Specialist

Natural interior spaces

Whether it’s a single office or a large campus with multiple businesses and offices, any size space will benefit from a lush, inviting interior plantscaping by Metro Detroit’s ArtScape Plant Services.

Interior plantings or green walls benefit businesses by defining distinctive and inviting office spaces, directing traffic flow in an attractive way, maintaining clean air and a healthy environment, absorbing sounds.

An ArtScape custom-designed interior plantscaping or living wall will also attract business, employees and increase per-square foot values in buildings.

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